6L Portable Gas Water Heater Shower Outdoor Camping Hot Pump Tankless LPG System

$419.70 AUD

Enjoy the outdoors comfortably with the Social Hike Outdoor Portable Gas Water Heater. This unit allows you to access hot water whilst camping, caravanning and enjoying other outdoor activities without the need for any electricity at all.

To ensure your safety and reliability of the unit, the Social Hike Gas Heater meets rigorous Australian standards. It has received the Global Mark of Approval, meets with AGA approved hose and regulator and CE approved auto pulse ignition. Also, this well manufactured unit has the Australian and New Zealand Gas Safety Certification. The roof or hood of the unit also adheres to the latest Australian regulations, protecting the heater from water entering.

With It is easy to set up and use, lightweight, weighing at only 4.8kg and folding portable handle design makes it the ideal hot water tankless system.

Unlike other similar units on the market, our unit includes a bonus 4.3L 12V water pump. The water flows at 6L per minute, operation of the unit is easy with adjustable seasonal winter or summer mode, adjustable gas mode and adjustable water flow.

Also, the heater features battery operated automatic ignition which ignites the burner as soon as water flows. You can even select a from three flow setting on the showered. When water flow is switched off at the trigger head, the unit automatically shuts down.

Intelligent design for user safety, the heater will immediately shut off the gas supply when necessary. The unit can detect if the flame goes out, or if it is tilted by more than 45 degrees in the event of it being significantly bumped. It will even shut down if the water flow is insufficient, and for your peace of mind the temperature is limited to 50 degrees.

The LED light up display screen allows you to monitor the temperature of water, and the flame monitor to view if the unit has been ignited.

This system can also be used to wash down pets and other animals outdoors with ease, when there may not be accessible hot water. For outdoor use only.


  • Lightweight, easy set up and compact portable hanging design
  • Flue type system to carry the combustion of products outside or away
  • Energy saving winter or summer mode
  • Over heat protection sensor
  • Seasonal hot or cold setting
  • Adjustable Water Flow and Gas Flow mode
  • Battery operated ignition
  • 1kg copper heat exchanger
  • Flame failure device
  • 20 minute auto shut off device
  • Digital temperature display
  • Anti tip protection device
  • Strong and rigid body
  • Variable 3 spray pressure shower head
  • Bonus 4.3L 12V water pump
  • AGA approved Gas Hose and Regulator
  • ISO Quality Certified
  • CE approved Auto Pulse Ignition
  • Australia and New Zealand Gas Safety Certification


  • Product Name: Outdoor Portable Water Heater
  • Model: JSD 12N
  • Colour: White Coated
  • Weight: 4.8kg
  • Dimensions (cm): 44 (H) x 30 (W) x 12 (D)
  • Nominal Power: 8KW
  • Gas Type: Universal LPG
  • Water Capacity: 6L / Minute
  • Gas Pressure (kPa): 2.75
  • Type 27 (LCC27) Gas Connecter (please check your Gas Cylinder for compatibility)
  • Minimum Water Pressure: 25 kPa
  • Maximum Water Pressure: 750 kPa
  • Inlet Water Temperature: 5-35˚C
  • Maximum Water Temperature: 50˚C
  • Water Inlet Size: 1/2" BSP Inlet
  • Total Gas Consumption: 28 MJ / Hour

Package Includes:

  • 1 x 6L White Gas Water Heater
  • 1x Premium Shower Kit (includes 2m stainless steel hose, shower head, screws to mount shower head)
  • 1x 1.5m AGA Approved Gas Hose and Regulator
  • 2x D Size Batteries
  • 1x 4.3L 12V  Water Pump
  • 1x 2.0m Power Cable (with On/Switch and two alligator clamps)
  • 2x Plastic Hose (to connect to pump)
  • 1x Set of Quick Connect Hose Adapters
  • 1x Instructions Manual

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