Inflatable 4 Person/Seat Towable Boat Flying Fish Blower

$2,754.70 AUD

The adventure ride on the Flying Fish is the most spectacular marine activities to enjoy the water this summer!

Key Features:
[RIDE LIKE FLYING]: The Inflatable Flying Fish Water Tube for 2 to 4 riders, and it is built for a ride like flying on the water!
[PREMIUM QUALITY AND TEAR-RESISTANT]: Our inflatable banana tube boat is made of 0.9 mm PVC with Internal and external double high temperature heat sealing for maximum durability, anti-UV, anti-seawater corrosion, heat-resistant, cold-resistant, tear-resistant.
[MULTIPLE CHAMBERS DESIGN]: The 2-4 person towable raft is divided into 1 main tube chamber and 2 side air chambers, safe and stable.
[TOWABLE AND COMFORTABLE]: The head of water towing boat has strong stainless steel D-rings for rope connection. The sturdy handle gives you strong support and makes it easier to climb in the water. With 2 wide main center tubes for comfortable seating and both sides to improve balance and stability also can act as footrests.
[EASY TO INFLATABLE AND DEFLATE]: The towable tube for boating can be easily inflate in few minutes, when not in use, simply deflate, flatten, and store it away!
[MULTIPLE USES TUBE]: All riders are suitable for water, lake and ocean. Such as connect the boat floats for the lake with the motorboat, enjoy waterskiing with your family and friends!

Product Specifications:
Item Dimensions: 2.5m*2.5m
Item Weight: 22kg
Item Package Dimensions: 40*40*70cm
Package Weight: 23kg
Max Weight Capacity: 320kg
Max Person Capacity: 2-4 Person
Color: Yellow and Blue
Material: Thick 0.9mm ?PVC
Material Features: High Strength, Lead free, Water Proof, Fire Retardant, UV protective
Certification: CE/EN71/EN14960/TUV
Accessories: Air pump, Repair kit (PVC Material, glue, tool)
Note:Might be measurement errors due to manually Measuring.

Manufacture Technics:
[1] Internal and external double high temperature heat sealing
[2] Integrated hot press handle or steel buckle
[3] Nylon/pvc tarpaulin webbing reinforces for some parts


*DO NOT ride tube or operate watercraft under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
*This product should NEVER be used by children except under adult supervision.
*NOT to be used by children under the age of fourteen (14).
*This is NOT a personal floatation device.
*This is NOT a life saving device.
*ALWAYS wear a life vest (personal floatation device - PFD) approved by your local authorities: (U.S.Coast Guard Typell vest in the US or Canadian Coast Guard approved life vest in Canada or SAI Approval PFD in Australia or CE Approved PFD in Europe). NEVER place wrists or feet through handles or towing hamess. Ensure tow rope is clear of body parts prior to or during use.
*DO NOT exceed the manufacturers recommended number of riders for your particular tube.
*Rider should keep hands and feet OUT OF WATER.
*Tow vehicle driver is RESPONSIBLE for the rider on the tube since the tube cannot be controlled by the rider, and since the rider's vision can be impaired by the spray from the tube.ALWAYS have a person, other than the driver, on the boat as an observer.
*Tow vehicle driver and observer MUST use caution and common sense.
*Tow vehicle driver should AVOID excassive speed or sharp turns, because the tube will accelerate and arc around comers, which might cause the tube to flip over abruptly, resulting in serious injury or death to the rider(s).
*DO NOT use at speeds that exceed the skills of the rider. NEVER exceed 15 mph (24 km/h).
*DO NOT tow in shallow water or near shore, docks, pilings, bridges, swimmers or other boats.

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