Kahuna iSUP Double Action Hand Pump

$66.70 AUD
The Kahuna Hana Double Action Hand Pump is designed to work with iSUPs, kayaks, pool floats and other leisure inflatables. It features a switch valve and an ergonomic handle for comfortable operation.

With two modes (double action and single action), this hand pump lets you spend less time inflating your paddle board and more time enjoying the water. The double-action mode delivers air to the SUP on the up and down strokes, helping you inflate the board faster. For high-pressure inflation, simply switch the valve to single-action mode.

  • Double-action mode pumps air on upward and downward strokes
  • Single-action mode ideal for high-pressure pumping
  • Ergonomic handles and base plate
  • Dimensions: 11 x 25 x 63cm
  • Capacity: 2 x 1800cc
  • Max pressure: 2.0 bar (29 psi)
  • 1 x iSUP hand pump

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