KILIROO Caravan Folding Table (800x450mm) KR-CFT-100-TF

$273.70 AUD $535.45 AUD


Convenient: Unlock and open you caravan folding table. Make a quick sandwich by the side of the road while boiling water for a cup of tea. No need to drag a table and set it up.

Long-lasting: Your caravan picnic table is built to withstand the tough outdoors environment. Install you caravan picnic table. Keep on using it until you upgrade to a newer and bigger campervan.

Food Van: Pull down the external table of your food van. Put some condiments and menu out for your customers to take/ When you are done for the night just wipe if down, fold it up, lock it, and then be on your way home.

  • Brand: KILIROO

  • Color: White

  • Product Dimension: 80 x 45 x 2 cm

  • Product Weight: 5.4 KG

  • Material: Aluminum alloy

  • Packaging Dimension: 84 x 49 x 7 cm

  • Packaging Weight: 5.8 KG

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