Portable Butane Gas Heater Camping Camp Tent Outdoor Hiking Camper Survival Black

$77.70 AUD $99.98 AUD

- Premium Material: Made of high-quality stainless steel, which is durable and corrosion-resistive.
- Multiple Functions: Multifunctional heating stove, heating and keep warm modes can be switched at will.
- Good Companion: It can be used as a heater for heating in the room, and it can also be used for cooking during camping. When you are doing outdoor activities, it will be your good companion.
- Effective Ignition: High-energy ceramic piezoelectric ignition is very effective. The gas regulating valve is equipped with a regulating knob, which can accurately regulate and control the firepower.
- Excellent Design: The handle can be rotated, the width is moderate, the hand is not tight, the hand is not scratched, it is light and portable, and it is more convenient to take it away. The safe valve is designed to avert gas foreign exchange safe protection, and it is more assured to use.

Color: Black
Product size: 25cmX24cmX20cm
Combustion consumption: 100G/H
Product material: high temperature resistant ceramic slate
Rated power: 1300W
Applicable gas: butane gas/external gas


Package Included:
1 X Heater

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