X-BULL 4WD Recovery Kit Kinetic Recovery Rope With 12000LBS Electric Winch 12V Winch 4WD 4X4 Offroad

$849.00 AUD $1,018.00 AUD

In the box

1. Kinetic Recovery Rope
2. Snatch strap
3. Soft Shackle*2
4. Winch Dampener
5. Stickers*5
6. Heavy Duty Gloves
7. 12000lbs electric winch Steel cable

  • Recovery kit

Type: Recovery Kits
package size: 55 x 24 x 23 cm
Weight: 10 kg
Colour: Black

The X-BULL Recovery Kit is equipped with a 7/8 inch x 30 ft towing rope, 2 Spectra fiber soft shackles 3/8 "x 22" (34000 pounds), 3 inch x 8 ft trailer strap (30000 pounds), 1 pair of heavy gloves and 1 storage bag. Oh, and a set of stickers. X-BULL power recovery rope is made of double-woven high-quality nylon. The wire rope is coated with high wear-resistant polymer to prevent ultraviolet rays, water and abrasion, and the eye ring connecting the fixing point is immersed in a thick protective rubber coating to ensure that the service life is extended at the most important place.
X-BULL 7/8 in x 30ft power recovery and traction rope has a breaking strength of 34000 pounds, which can save you from muddy and viscous environment. You will be shocked by the carrying capacity of X-BULL power recovery rope. SPECTRA fiber soft shackles: Our kit includes a pair of 3/8 "x 22" SPECTRA fiber soft shackles with a breaking capacity of 34000 pounds. Our truck shackles are equipped with protective sleeves, which can protect the power rope from wear, and heat shrinkage can improve the stability of the knot.
Suitable for all vehicles: our power rope with Spectra soft shackle is suitable for off-road recovery and outdoor adventurers with ATV, UTV, SUV, automobile, truck, ocean, agriculture, industry and mining. It can easily handle all difficult towing points. Without scratching paint or damaging surfaces, the carrying bag has enough space to store the off-road recovery kit.
Why use X-BULL Duty Tow Strap Recovery Kit ? Using X-BULL power rope, heavy vehicles and light vehicles can be separated from stagnation by kinetic energy recovery. When connected to a stuck vehicle and towed by a traction recovery vehicle, the recovery rope can stretch about 35% of its total length. Once stretched, the power rope recovery will absorb a large amount of elastic potential energy. If the resistance of the truck is overcome by the elastic potential energy of the rope during the pulling process of kinetic energy recovery, it will be converted into kinetic energy, so as to achieve effective, efficient and relatively stable extraction.
Can absorb shock loads effectively. With Recovery Rope, small vehicles can recover larger, heavier vehicles. We are doing everything on our own. We don't have to spend money on a big team, so here you are getting an amazing quality for less. We are keeping small margin on all our products to make high quality products more affordable. Our customers are our friends, as a good friend we will support you in any situations. Have any problems with the products we will solve it supper fast with no questions.

  • 12000lbs Electric Winch

Brand: X-BULL
Rated line pull: 12000lstrongs(5443KG)single line
Motor: 6.0HP output series wound
Gear redustion ratio: 265:1
Castrongle length: 9.5MM*26M
Control: wire/wireless control
Strongrake: automatic load-holding strongrake
Fairlead: 4-way alloy hawse fairlead
Gear train: 3 stage planetary
Drum size: 2.5"*9.6"(63.5mm*224mm)
Voltage: 12V
Type: 4*4recovery
Clutch: sliding ring gear
Weight: 34.6kg
Dimensions: 530mm*160mm*218mm
Colour: Black

In the Box:
12000Lstrong winch
1*heavy duty fairlead roller
1*clevis hook with safety clip and market tab
1*big grip hand held remote control
1*new style wireless remote control
1*winch lanyards
1*next generation control Box
1*26mtr multi stranded cable fitted to drum
1*set of stainless fitting Bolts



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