X-BULL Winch Recovery Kit Recovery tracks /Snatch Strap Off Road 4WD

$322.70 AUD

In the box

1.Recovery tracks 2PCS
2.8000kg 9m Tow Strap
3.4.75 Tonne Shackles X 2
4.8-Ton Snatch Block
5.Recovery Damper
6.Folding Survival Shovel
7.Shackle Hitch Receiver
8.Trailer Hitch Lock
9.Tire Deflator
10.Carrg bag
11.recovery tracks Leashes
12.XBULL Stickers

Fitting: X-BULL or Other Brand Winch
package size: 40.50 x 29.50 x 18.50cm
Weight: 12 kg

More Details:

10T Recovery tracks Boards 2PCS Gen2.0
Size: 910mm x 310mm x 60mm
Material: Reinforced strong nylon
Specification: 10 Ton load capacity on flat ground
CTN Size: 920 x320 x125mm

Tire Deflator

Suitable for trucks, motorcycles, most tires of bike,automobiles and any passenger vehicles.
Pressure Range : 0-70psi
Dial gauge diameter: about 6cm
Heavy duty rubber hose length: about 30cm
High pressure air pump nozzle diameter: about 9mm
High pressure air pump nozzle inner diameter: about 7mm
Material:Metal Iron & Steel
Male Thread:10mm /0.4inch

Shackle Hitch Receiver
Material:high strength forged aluminum
Dimensions: 50mm x 50mm x 155mm


Recovery Damper
Securing method: Multiple Velcro
Dimension: 500mm x 430mm x 25mm
Weight: 2.25lbs
Material:Layered Reinforced PVC
Features: ; Material-Heavy duty durable vinyl construction with wide velcro tabs for quick set-up and pack away. It is easy to clean, strong and durable.

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